This is the time of the year The Peace Arch Hospital Auxiliary is starting to get ready for our seasonal sales.

The hospital is under construction and we will no longer be able to hold sales in the lobby. We will be holding sales in the cafeteria and other locations in the community.

The Semiahmoo group is hosting a sale at the Star of The Sea Hall which is located at 1153 Fir Street on October 6 th . They will be selling collectibles, white elephant,
china and jewelry from 8 a.m. until 1 p.m.

This same group will be having a bake sale on October 19th in the Peace Arch Hospital cafeteria. There will be lots of great homemade goodies for sale.

On October 20th the Kwatcha a group is holding their famous linen sale. This event was started by The Goodwill group and the Kwatcha group took it over in 1999. They began by selling wedding dresses and evolved to selling not just linens, but also selling collectables.  This sale outgrew the hospital lobby and was moved to First United Church. The linen sale is on the move again and now the sale will be at the Elks Hall on George Street.

The doors open at 9 a.m. and will close at 3 p.m.
The energetic leader of the Kwatcha group is Carol Sallenback, who gets donations dropped off to her home every week. She also gets phone calls from people as far away as Vancouver Island and the Sunshine coast inquiring about this event.
Customers and collectors always look forward to this fundraiser.  This sale will feature lots of collectables including china. There are three complete sets of English Bone China for sale as well as fine crystal.

The linens this year include not only table linens – which are all washed, starched and ironed – but there are also many bedspreads and comforters. Seasonal items including Christmas tea towels, and placemats, some that have never been used are always useful.
Over the many years of this sale the Kwatcha group has donated over $200.000 to support the purchase of equipment for the hospital. This contribution is only possible because of the dedication of the hard – working volunteers and the community that not only donates the items that are for sale, but also support the sale.

The Auxiliary is always looking for new members. Men are needed to help at our Superfluity Thrift shop. If you would like to join this energetic group of people please pick up a membership package at the information desk at the hospital or at the Superfluity Shop located at 15163 Prospect Avenue, or on our website at