You may know us for working hard at the Superfluity Thrift shop, or at the Hospital Gift shop, but you may not know about the many acts of kindness that happen throughout the hospital and the community.  Even within each group there are things that our members do that other members do not know about.  There are so many thoughtful, helpful, vibrant, loving, selfless and passionate members in the Auxiliary Society.

Here is a sample of the many acts of kindness you may not see, but happen every day!

Christmas Gift Bags

We put together Christmas Gift bags for our Residents at Hogg3 and Weatherby Pavilion

Bouquet for New Years Baby

We make a flower bouquet for the first baby of the year born at Peace Arch Hospital

Warm and Dry clothes

We supply warm and dry clothes for patients leaving the hospital

Gift Cart

We bring the gift cart around to patients to help brighten their day.  Items include candy bars, chips, cheeses etc.

Newborn Hats

Each baby born at Peace Arch Hospital Maternity will receive a hand knit hat after their first bath at the hospital.

Kids ER Kits

We make kits for kids visiting our Emergency department.  We include crayons, colouring pages and a small toy.

Host Birthday Parties

We host birthday parties for our residents at Hogg3 and the Weatherby Pavilion

Christmas Flower Arrangements

We make special flower arrangements for our Residential Care for their Christmas Dinners

Bus Passes

We supply bus passes for those in need who are leaving Emergency

Tea From The Heart

We host tea for Retirement, jobs well done, or for specific departments in the hospital.  It is a treat for the staff to relax and feel recognized for the amazing jobs that they do every day

Finger Puppets

We knit finger puppets for kids who need cheering up in the Hospital.  For example when drawing blood on the ward nurses will give kids a finger puppet to play with.


At our Auxiliary meetings we put all our spare change into a basket.  At the end of the year we buy a small gift for the residents.  We love to see the smiles on their faces!

E.R. Emergency Kits

The Auxiliary funds and prepares kits for the Emergency Department.
These kits contain a few personal hygiene items that people use, but may not have with them when they arrive in the Emergency Department.


We sew/fix clothing for our residents to help them be more comfortable.  Some examples include adding padding to hips in pants, knee pads for wheel chair residents, and snap up gowns for easier dressing.

Caring Hearts

In February 2019, The Peace Arch Hospital Auxiliary Society introduced their Caring Hearts Fund.  It provides designated staff the ability to access resources for patient who need additional support to overcome any barriers to their timely discharge and transition from hospital to the community or facility.

Decorate Hospital Lobby

The Auxiliary decorates the Hospital Lobby at Christmas

Baby Love

Maternity staff identify families who would benefit from some extra assistance.  Members of the Auxiliary assemble season and colour-appropriate layettes include diapers, onesies, receiving blankets, outfits, sleepers, jacket or sweater and hat, a blanket, bibs, socks and wash cloths. These items are all NEW and funded by the Auxiliary.